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Here at Fungi Freights we're all about community growth, achievement and well-being. In our ever changing surroundings our goal is to provide vitality, vigor and consistency through the study of Mycology. By offering education on sustainable mushroom growing the community gains the necessary skills for food security and sustainability. 

Fungi & Community

Fungi Freights offers an array of educational workshops and events revolved around mushrooms and sustainability.

Fungi & Environment

Fungi play a vital role in our environment, holding special relationships within the soil web. A big part of Fungi Freights is recognizing this concept and displaying its benefits. By studying Mycoremediation, the practice of using specific fungal strains to re-mediate contaminated or polluted soils, we can help bring "dead" soils back to life.

The Lab

Our Fungi Freight laboratory concentrates on culturing the finest mushroom species for medicinal, remedial and research purposes.

The Studio

The Fungi Studio dives into the creative realm of mushrooms and their bizarre nature. From fungal dyes to mycomaterials, we explore the role fungi play in creating sustainable, natural materials! 


Tess Burzynski is the founder, head educator and cultivator at Fungi Freights Urban Lab and Environmental Studio. A Science degree graduate from Wayne State University, she works as an Environmental Scientist and continues doing research with Mycoremediation in the city of Detroit.


Her love of Fungi began in her early years exploring the outdoors. She is a member of the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club and the North American Mycological Association. Throughout her studies she has learned the role mycelium plays in the environment and how beneficial, tenacious and magical it truly is. Through Fungi Freights, her goal is to educate Detroit and its surrounding neighbors about the benefits fungi have on health, food security and the environment. 


Fungi Freights & Environmental Studio, LLC.
Email: fungifreights@gmail.com